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X-Mas Dog Collars for The Rich Dog

 Bullheaded City Dogs Dog Collar for Rich Dog Jack

Dog Collar for the RICH DOG $15,000 Comes Complete With 1962 Cape Fear Movie Houseboat S.F. Docked


Watch Dog Collar ™

 Instant Watch Dog!

Just add 1 heaping DOG and stir.

Bullheaded City Dog Collar – Jack, The Colorado River Dog Models River Regatta Commemorative Dog Collars – Annual Raft Parade Designs. 2013 WILL be HUGE gathering. Bring your rich dog too.

Designer Dog Collar – One of a Kind Dog Collar With Watch and Spikes – for BIG Dogs like Cane Corso Italian Mastiffs and All Bully Dogs of the World

First Custom Made WatchDog Collar™ Mesmerizes My Bengal Cat Razi. Kiko His Twin Hates Dogs and for the sake of Principle, Hates the Dog Collar.

 The Most Clever Dog Collar of all Time

A WatchDog Collar Hand Crafted in the U.S.A., Created for the Cane Corso and Other Uniquely Spoiled Dogs

“Clazi Makes Time for Your Dog, One Collar at a Time, Time After Time, and Time Again”

watch dog collar best Dog Collar Watch on Rich Dog Collars

watch dog collar refl2 Dog Collar Watch on Rich Dog Collars

 This first red tuxedo style Tuxn™ Dog Collar Watch™ above has 12 authentic diamonds and has already been sold.

For inquiries about the next watch dog collar available in a few days, call or email Clazi. Meanwhile enjoy all the dog, cat and pet information in articles and pictures here in our pet blog. Hundreds of articles, each categorized efficiently so when you click on a link, the subject will be exactly about that link’s text. Dog insight and concerns of real people just like you, me, AND my RICH designer collar dog.

Black Bowtie Tuxedo WatchDog Collar™  A watch for a dog collar set on a bowtie on a deerskin white tuxedo shirt dog collar.


a watch for dogs 1 sm Dog Collar Watch on Rich Dog Collars

dog collar watch lg copy 300x225 Dog Collar Watch on Rich Dog Collars


Black and white hand made leather collar with watch for dog.

Xlarge size – 22″-27″

2″ wide

2″ brilliant bling watch face

Heavy duty hardward


Watch Dog Collar

Call Clazi at 1-541-499-4798
No tricks, just treats for the “dog‘s dog” and the “man’s man” who loves his dog. And for dogs BEST friend …WOMAN!
 Dog Collar Watch on Rich Dog Collars

 Luxury designer Watch Dog Collar made in the U.S. for Cane Corso dogs and puppies.


Calls and emails are welcome if you want to be first to see my newest one-of-a-kind “WatchDog Collar” creation before release for sale on the web.

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Watch for Dog Watch Collar entry offer to win a Watch Dog Collar™ for your own Cane Corso show off on Facebook –  user is Cane Corsos.

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These WatchDog Collar™ Site Links are Full of Original Jeff Chaz Blues Music, of which I have the rights to publish Online. Most are auto play on opening the home page links.  Stop any music video before opening another link. eCommerce Store – The only place to buy WatchDog Collars by Clazi. See every Collar with a Watch and other dog products with watches, ALL handmade in the U.S.A for ALL the wanna be WatchDOGS of the World.    Beautiful layout of WatchDog Collar™  dog collar images and videos – Instant WatchDogs created with clazi’s help.                        Tuxedo WatchDog Collars With Authentic Diamonds.                   My Dread Bizorr, the Limousine Chauffeur is a DOG. A Cane Corso Italian Mastiff DOG. See his true story here                Cane-Corso WatchDog Collar™ was inspired by my Cane Corso Dread Bizorr   WatchDog Collars for Cane Corsos   I will repost your Cane Corso Rescue stories here by request. Contact                Jack the Jack Russell Terrier Models the River Regatta Collection of WatchDog Collars              IMages and videos of WatchDog Collar dog collars              Cape Fear WatchDog Collar City     Google RSS feed for Watchdog Collar                    City Dogs Dog Collar Video         See Video of each particular WatchDog Collar Dogs dog collars                       Watch movies with only dog actors. FASCINATING clips of UNBELIEVABLE DOGS ACTING

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Dog Collar Watch on Rich Dog Collars